The Cat's Out of The Bag!

Sharing that I was homeless with the supervisor was pretty damn easy! I discovered how much my living situation had changed me for the better mentally. I literally did not care! I was so confident and comfortable with letting him know. I was comfortable with sharing that information with anyone who asked. Although, I still had my boundaries. I did not volunteer my business. Just like someone being comfortable in their own skin, I owned my circumstances. I was proud that I was even able to be expecting, living out of a car, working a full-time job and a part-time job on the side. I was humble but I knew I was a beast. I had absolutely nothing to prove.

Several weeks passed. My body began to change in ways that affected my physical comfortability. Sleeping in a car was getting to me. The lack of rest along with things I was dealing with outside of work-life began to affect my performance at my job. I was in a funk because I knew what I was capable of. The pressure was on because I was indeed into my third trimester. I came out of the jacket that I once wore religiously. The bump was exposed. I was okay with that. The supervisor seen my baby bump. He said, "You're pregnant!!" He was smiling. I seen the glare in his eyes. They became wet & glossy as if he was trying to hold back tears. I smiled back at him. It was an unspoken gesture. That was my way of letting him know not to feel sorry for me because I was okay with it all.

A small fraction of my acquaintances knew my situation. My support system in California grew tremendously. Many of them were still clueless about my homelessness. I was under new leadership at my job. I got transferred to a new team. A female supervisor, I built a bond with was now, "in the know" about my living situation. She inquired about my hunt for a crib. She gave me insight on places to go. She was concerned about me getting into a place because she'd seen how overwhelmed and exhausted I was as an expecting mother and employee. She was concerned. I respected & appreciated that. She stayed on my ass about it days leading up to the moment she suggested that I leave work early to speak with a referred landlord. She and the other supervisors jokingly told me not to return until I had those keys in my hand. The next day, I returned to work with those goddamn keys!