Owning my mess

I started out in Cali going to open mics and documenting the journey. If you did not peep it already. Covid, lemons and procrastination have made my musical journey almost non existent. I finally did my first official youtube cover! I was so freaking nervous!! I want to be transparent about what's happening behind the scenes while I embark on this new venture. The video below is a blooper video of me practicing and trying to be at least a little interesting with the tools I have. I used my laptop and my phone. I played the instrumental on the laptop. I propped the phone up and pressed record. I had the phone and laptop propped on top of my son's diaper box in the bathroom. I did this for two reasons. One, because of the acoustics and silence. Well, silent until my baby woke up. Two, I wanted to act drunk because the song is about a drunk girl. Yes, i wanted to seem like a drunk sexy girl in the bathroom!! Hilarious right? Yeah, the idea flopped. It didn't make the cut for the final video. It's a lot I can't control at this time. But I can definitely make it work! It was fun! Check the blooper and the final video out below