Freedom Figures

Congratulations! You've taken the first step. You're reading this post because you're wondering what a freedom figure is. A freedom figure is the amount of money needed for an individual to be able to spend their days focusing on all of the things they'd rather be doing.

What we'd rather be doing is subjective whether it's climbing moutains, pampering ourselves, party hopping or a start up business, without freedom figures we remain stuck in the cycle of survival mode.

After we know our freedom figures, we know at least a minimal ballpark of the amount of money, time and energy we need to save & invest into a specific goal.

We can have more than one freedom figure. We will have new reasons why we will wake up each day and work at the job we have a love/hate relationship with. We will no longer do it because we have to. We will do it because it helps us get somewhere. Those things we do because we have to survive will simply become a financial vehicle that gets us where we'd rather be.

My freedom figure is $30,000 minimum. Mine is based on a business venture and what it would take for me to scale it and stop working for anyone else completely. When calculating your freedom figure, keep in mind the cost of all of the things you'd rather be doing. I've placed an example of a freedom figure below. A freedom figure can never be too high. It definitely can be too low and it must make sense. So, try your best to use real numbers and real scenarios. What's your freedom figures? Feel free to email me. Let's get excited about this game changer! You’ve began your paradigm shift. Hats off to you! Check out our tidbits to help you save towards your freedom figures.



Spa/Massages =$1,200/year

Travel to 1 dream location a year=$5,000

organic groceries for=$6.000/year

Freedom Figure Total(based on this scenario):$12,200/year (minimum)

**this does not include miscelllaneous expenses, emergencies, bills