The Songbird: Intro

I'm no Beyonce but ya girl has pipes! Yep, little old rusty pipes. And here comes an excuse. As much as I love singing, there's absolutely no reason why someone who knows me doesn't know that I could hold a tune. Oh, but there is! Drum roll please! I haven't been putting myself out there consistently. Yes, anxiety bruh! I swear, I do care. I care that 5 out of 100 people are going to think I sound atrocious. I'm talking shortness of breath, sweaty palms and I may have to run to the ladies room to fart, anxiety. I get butterflies. I hate to break it to you fellas, "butterflies" is gas. You give your lovely lady anxiety & gas. Okay, I'm done being a vibe killer. Despite my anxiety, I decided to get uncomfortable and put myself out there. Like, relocate to California and sing at open mics, uncomfortable. I'm sure that I could sing at open mics anywhere yet moving to California was on my bucket list. I was also afraid to do that. I once had a habit of moving back in with my mom. I figured California would be far enough. Hilarious right? Sheesh, it's been about a year since I've updated my blog. I've got to get you guys caught up. I will share the deets in increments. I need to keep you on the edge of your seats. Meanwhile, subscribe to my YouTube channel BOOM!!!