Scared Money: Intro (Prepped Inconvenience)

Why the hell did we try to move across the country in a car that couldnt fit all of our belongings? There's really no need to answer that. We didn't try. We did. Even squeezed a big ass pitbull in the back. To continue my transition as a Vocal Artist, I decided that relocating to California would be the wave for me. Prior to the moving date, we sold some things. We even gave some away. We packed as much as we could into a Chevy Malibu. My guy and I literally packed the whip with everything we wanted to keep. In Route, the car began jerking! There was too much weight on the transmission. We had no choice but to make an impromptu stop to a Goodwill donation center to give away some things. Aggy AF! I actually wanted those things. By the time we were done I only had a week worth of clothes. And the dress you see in the picture, "Old faithful."

I named my dress. I wear this dress all of the time. I kept her in case I had another interview. You read it correctly. I quit my job, threw all of my shit away & moved 36+ hours away from everything and everyone I knew. No, I didn't have a new job yet. As irresponsible as all of it may seem, it was a well organized plan. We saved up for the transition. I had several phone interviews. Each employer, expressed how I was an awesome candidate. Each, refused to honor the date of my expected arrival.

To save money, Tahj and I agreed to spend the first few weeks in the car. We kept this confidential because we knew that some of our closest friends and family wouldn’t understand and talk us out of it. I'm not one to tell others how to think or what to believe. I simply do what works for me. Who's judging anyway? I'm sure we'll have a few tight asses who can't get with the idea that discomfort is key to growth. We cherry picked our discomfort. We inconvenienced ourselves intentionally, We put ourselves in a position to have no choice but to go hard. In no way was this easy. I had my bomb ass resume printed. I was filling out applications,walking into offices, introducing myself and handing employers a physical copy of my resume. By the third day, I was hired for a full-time position at the beautiful building you see in the picture. Everything was going as intended. That is until a few weeks later when I found out that I was two months pregnant. How convenient?