2 jobs: 3rd Trimester

Working 2 jobs was not easy for me. But thanks to the advantage of having the ability to create my own schedule. At the salon, I was able to maintain a work-life balance. Since my 9 to 5 was only on the weekdays, I chose to work on Saturdays from 9am-9pm. The car was my home and my guy had to be to work at 6:25am. This required me to post up at a McDonald’s from about 6am to 8:30am some Saturday mornings. At 8:30am, I’d leave McDonald’s. Walk 3 blocks to the salon to get there on time. This was now my third trimester. My motivation was my little boy. My focus was to get into any place before my 36th week. I also needed my peace of mind. I haven’t been very detailed with you in regards to my emotional well-being during these times. I will share that aspect of things a little later perhaps.

The owner accommodated my needs by creating an area where I could sit and braid comfortably. In fact, she insisted. She and her family went out of their ways to make sure that I knew the techniques. Although I caught on quickly, they were very patient. My coworkers at my 9-to-5 became my family away from South Carolina. I’d walk into work & some of them went the extra to make sure I was comfortable. I appreciated that so much!! I wore my jacket religiously. They still didn’t know I was pregnant or homeless. Until one day, upon entering an elevator with my supervisor, he decided to recall a time when I jokingly referred to myself & my guy as modern day nomads. He said, “Does this mean you guys don’t live anywhere?” I smiled confidently as I replied, ”Correct.”