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​Thirty years old is a stigmatic age in today's society. It's an age that adults are expected to have it all together. Yet, it's when Freddii intetionally hit rock bottom to transform her mindset and end a cycle within herself. While facing her fears and taking on the process of entrepreneurship, it required her to go inward, self-reflect & heal. This also compelled her to make several sacrifices that lead to her developing a conglomerate platform, My Fears My Fuel. An inspirational blog. It presents her building process. On a grand-scale, serves the community by promoting adaptability, perseverance, inner wealth, self awarness and most important, healing.   She introduced a subsidary recently called , "Fuel Your Soul." where she utilizes her professional education in flower essence, mental health, emotional health,  environmental health and the human body's function to provide natural healing options everyone can use to integrate towards their own personal wellness journey. 


"The quality of being able to adjust to new conditions."


"Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success"

inner wealth

"The rich pool of compassion, wisdom and other non-material values that lies within us"